Thursday, June 16, 2016

Digital Citizenship

I teach in a one-to-one school.  As you can imagine, it is impossible to monitor everything students do on the computer.  However, it's my responsibility to share with students the importance of digital citizenship.

I plan to have the students create a digital portfolio to collect the work they do during the year.  This will also serve as an online journal.  I feel this will allow me to have more active learning time during the class period.  I can spend the time doing an active/hands-on activity and then give them access to the notes that accompany the lesson to add to their digital portfolios.  Students will also be able to take pictures of their best work, in class projects and activities, and other things along the way to add to their digital portfolio.  I can give them access to pictures of anchor charts to add as well.   I feel this will be a fantastic way for students to showcase what they've learned while using it as a reference when needed on assignments.  During this, I can address Digital Citizenship by introducing their blogs as their digital footprints.  I can use this throughout the year to reinforce these concepts.

I am not sure how in math I would run into many opportunities to redirect students when digital citizenship lines have been crossed.  This is an area I will definitely research before beginning this in my classroom.  Any suggestions?

My Tech Infused Lesson: Padlet

I've heard of Padlet often, however, I had never used it until recently.  Now that I've used it once, I'll be using it again!

What is Padlet?  Padlet is a virtual wall that is used to collect thoughts and information.  It's like an online piece of paper that can display anything content.

My Tech Infused Lesson:  

My 8th grade students were given the following directions:

You are going to create a "poster" on  (Links to an external site.)
You poster/padlet should include the following:
1) Name of the College
2) Location of the College
3) 2 year college or 4 year College
4) What programs are offered that interest you about this college?
5) About how much will it cost to attend this college?
6) What choices are there for housing?
7) What extracurricular activities are offered?
8) Why do you want to go to this college?
9) What type of degree do you want to earn?
10) Why is it important as an 8th grader to understand the costs associated with attending college and how to plan and save for the first year of college?
11) at least 3 images that display your college
12) extra points: include a video that is about your college
This was an introductory lesson about college costs and savings.  (There was a vocabulary lesson prior to this one so they were familiar with college lingo.)  I wanted my students to experience looking up colleges and searching for information.  The concept of college is foreign to many of my students so they needed to see what is was all about first.  
After reflecting on the lesson, I will modify the questions for next year by adding clues on possible places to find the information.  My students enjoyed this and it prompted lots of questions and good discussions.  I saw their interest in college and what it had to offer increase.  I also feel like I need a What is College? lesson to add to the introductory vocabulary lesson.  Overall, my students did a great job and I look forward to making it even better next year!

What other questions would you add to their research?  Do you know any good websites or activities that would help students understand what college is all about?