Thursday, June 16, 2016

Digital Citizenship

I teach in a one-to-one school.  As you can imagine, it is impossible to monitor everything students do on the computer.  However, it's my responsibility to share with students the importance of digital citizenship.

I plan to have the students create a digital portfolio to collect the work they do during the year.  This will also serve as an online journal.  I feel this will allow me to have more active learning time during the class period.  I can spend the time doing an active/hands-on activity and then give them access to the notes that accompany the lesson to add to their digital portfolios.  Students will also be able to take pictures of their best work, in class projects and activities, and other things along the way to add to their digital portfolio.  I can give them access to pictures of anchor charts to add as well.   I feel this will be a fantastic way for students to showcase what they've learned while using it as a reference when needed on assignments.  During this, I can address Digital Citizenship by introducing their blogs as their digital footprints.  I can use this throughout the year to reinforce these concepts.

I am not sure how in math I would run into many opportunities to redirect students when digital citizenship lines have been crossed.  This is an area I will definitely research before beginning this in my classroom.  Any suggestions?

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